TIESCHEN – Wer uns findet, findet uns gut.
Titelbild zu TIESCHEN – Wer uns findet, findet uns gut.

Project Description

For the people who grew up there, Tieschen is not just an Austrian town on the border to Slovenia, but a way of life. The residents are particularly proud of the wine they create. But how does an underdog earn a place among the famous Styrian wine-growing locations?

The idea was born to use the framework of the official wine designation DAC and to emphasize the origin by showing the name Tieschen (in analog and digital form) as large as possible – on the wine label even four times! The typography is based on the capitals of the font "Le Murmure" by Velvetyne Type Foundry, which was slightly adapted. In addition, the various design variations of the new branding result in a pattern with a high recognition value, the "Tieschener pattern", which looks particularly good on the printed, stacked wine cartons.




Daria Titarenko

Wolfgang Niederl

Adam Katyi


Barbara Klein/Weißes Papier


Barbara Klein/Weißes Papier

Anna Ferrari


Stefan Robitsch/Verein TAU Winzer Tieschen, Manuel Schaffernak, Christian Niederl


Verein TAU Winzer Tieschen

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