Die Ufer des Wogenrain // The shore of Wagram
Titelbild zu Die Ufer des Wogenrain // The shore of Wagram

Project Description

When grapes dream, waves crash on their roots. Just like they did back then. When the sea reached as far as the region of Wagram. Formerly called „Wogenrain“, which roughly translates to „seashore“. Deeply connected with its own history, written in sand. Lower Austrian vineyards merge with dream beaches and they are united in barrels, concept, and image. Lukas Strobl bottles them, untouched and untamed.

Wines from neo-winemaker Lukas Strobl grow on the Lower Austrian edge of Wagram. Here, millions of years ago, the prehistoric sea still surged, to which the area owes its conditions for wines of the highest quality. Inspired by this time which was so formative for the vines, Lukas’ natural wines are named and designed after the wildest coasts of Europe. His first creations in limited editions can be enjoyed only at the most exclusive addresses - such as Tian Vienna, Berghof Lech or Newcomer Wines London.


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Lukas Strobl

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