Het dierenboekje Mie
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Picture book with sixteen stories about the girl Mie who is in close proximity to a pig, a sheep, a pony, a horse, a cow, a dog, a cat and a chicken. There is a lot of petting and a lot of lazing and enjoying. That makes this a summery, relaxing book. But the word 'stories' could mislead the reader. Don't expect a plot or even any major event - Van Reek's sketches are clues, they are soap bubbles that shine beautifully and then, after two pages, float away again. Like real soap bubbles, they are blissful and lucky - if you have an eye for them. The drawings also have something of those soap bubbles with their light pastel colours, their empty surfaces and their thin coloured contour lines.They are accurate, but they are also on the verge of disappearing. A book trying to create more empathy for animals and their natural behaviour and longing.




Barbara van Dongen Torman


Harriët van Reek


Harriët van Reek

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Querido publisher

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Harriët van Reek

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