Red List Magazine – Das Magazin über vom Aussterben bedrohte Tierarten
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Project Description

We are currently experiencing the largest mass extinction since the extinction of the dinosaurs* and many people are not even aware of it.
(* WWF:

"Red List Magazine" highlights the hidden potential of endangered species that humanity can learn and benefit from in the future and illustrates why they are so worth protecting.
Instead of causing a guilty conscience by pointing out negative grievances, the reader rather learns through positive impressions from personal conversations with 13 international interview partners and can thus look at his environment with new eyes. The developed issue No. 1 refers to the most affected animals - insects.
Through individual layouts as well as diverse print refinements, the reader is deeply immersed in the individual topics. This is supported by fascinating photos and illustrations of insects, which show the enormous diversity of this hidden world.


Magdalena Schmid

Jonas Rosenwirth

produced by/printed by

Printstar GmbH Berlin

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Levon Biss, Igor Siwanowicz, Joel Sartore, Sam Jaffe, Nanjing Institute of Geology and Palaeontology, Staatliches Museum Ägyptischer Kunst, Smithsonian Libraries Washington, Taku Satoh Design Office, Samuel Dejong, Thorben Danke, Jonas Rosenwirth