A year to remember
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Project Description

The Year of Culture 2020 addressed the question, "How do we want to live." And that - mind you - during a conception phase when Corona was not yet a topic. We thought: 2020 should be a break. Because: there is no future - there is only a NOW - according to the ideology of Eckhart Tolle. And therefore, it makes no sense to plan for the future. Instead, one should develop more of one's power in the NOW and do the right thing. With a loud visual identity by OrtnerSchinko we wanted to tear people away from their smartphones and bring them back into the moment. And, along the way, get them excited about the 2020 Year of Culture. As a teaser, we wanted to shroud all the clocks in Graz overnight to show that there is no time, but time is just an invented construct. The X as the core design element stands for disruption, collaboration, networking, and the unknown variable of the future. Furthermore, the design identity was derived from the year 2020 = Roman XXXX.


Wolfgang Ortner (OrtnerSchinko)

Valentin Zhuber-Okrog

Tina Fleck


Patrick Haas

Michael Maier


Stadt Graz

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